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Short questions with Dana Perino


You know us on screen — but what about off? 

I thought it’d be fun to check in with some of your favorite Fox personalities (plus a few surprise appearances!) to learn more about who they are behind the scenes. 

And speaking of surprise appearances: Here’s a brand-new Q&A with Ben Hall, author of the compelling new memoir, “Saved: A War Reporter’s Mission to Make it Home,” which you absolutely must read!

Hope you enjoy our Q&A below.

And stay tuned for more — I’ll have many revealing new pieces in the days and weeks ahead.

Questions with Dana Perino

Questions with Dana Perino (Fox News)

Q: What was your childhood nickname?

BH: Benji. 

Q: What brings you the greatest joy?

BH: Taking my children somewhere new. 

Q: What is a skill that you would like to learn?

BH: Carving.

Q: Whose opinion do you value most on Earth?

BH: My wife / my parents.

Q: Name a book that has had a profound impact on you.

BH: “A Farewell to Arms.”

Q: Do you speak any other languages?

BH: French. 

Q: What people, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party?

BH: General MacArthur, Robin Williams, Shakespeare, Douglas Bader, Viktor Frankl, Mick Jagger. 

Q: What song instantly puts you in a good mood?

BH: Bach’s “Ave Maria.” Or the soundtrack from “The Greatest Showman” — we watch it every week, and the children never stop singing it!

Q: Favorite thing about fatherhood/being a girl dad?

BH: Teaching them, watching them learn, seeing them grow. 

Q: What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?

BH: Don’t waste time! There’s so much to do in life and not enough time to do it all! Go and do everything you can. Don’t miss anything.


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