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Israel’s Mossad says retired agent was among 4 people who died when boat sank in Italy

Israel’s intelligence agency said Wednesday that a retired agent was among four people killed in northern Italy when a sudden storm sank a houseboat hired for a weekend pleasure cruise on a lake.

The former agent was on the vessel with 22 other people on a lake near the town of Lisanza, according to Italian media reports. Two Italian intelligence agents and a Russian woman — part of the two-person crew — also died in the incident.

The Israeli prime minister’s office issued a statement on behalf of the Mossad saying the unnamed agent’s remains had been returned to Israel for burial. The Foreign Ministry had previously confirmed that a retiree from the Israeli security forces was killed but didn’t provide a name or age or give details on his professional background.


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Israel’s Mossad said a retired agent was among the four people who died when a boat sank in Italy from a sudden storm. 


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said that because of the agent’s work in the agency, further details could not be disclosed and extended condolences to his family.

Italian police released no information on the identities or professions of the 19 survivors, but local news reports said they included other members of the Italian and Israeli intelligence services, suggesting the boat outing may have been part of a work meeting.

Without providing sources, Italian dailies Repubblica, Corriere della Sera and Il Messaggero said the survivors were spirited out of the hospital and the Israelis out of Italy via a private plane back to Tel Aviv.

The captain, identified by Italian media as Carlo Carminati, survived the boat sinking and was questioned by prosecutors. Media reports also said the boat only had a capacity of 15 passengers and two crew members, but was carrying 23 passengers at the time of the sinking.

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