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Biden torched for ‘testy’ response on Ukraine FBI informant file: ‘Dangerous time to tell the truth’


Prominent conservative Twitter users tore into President Joe Biden on Thursday after he trashed a reporter for asking a question about his alleged corruption.

During the exchange, which involved The New York Post’s Steven Nelson asking about allegations that Biden was the “Big Buy” in a supposed bribery scheme involving Ukrainian officials, Biden berated the reporter for asking a “dumb question.”

The president then moved on without answering the question as the press was ushered out of the room.

The exchange happened at the very end of a Biden speech Thursday in which he presented his administration’s plans to protect American consumers from hidden junk fees.


President Biden speaking

President Joe Biden recently trashed a reporter after he asked the president about his alleged corruption involving Ukraine and his son Hunter Biden. Biden called the question “dumb.” (JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

The president, surrounded by several executives from various companies, made a brief speech on the topic before being confronted by Nelson on allegations of his corrupt business dealings with foreign officials.

The journalist shouted above White House aides’ calls for the press to exit the room, asking, “Why did the Ukraine FBI informant file refer to you as the ‘Big Guy,’ Mr. Biden?”

After a brief pause, Biden deflected with a question of his own, asking, “Why’d you ask such a dumb question?”

On Twitter, Biden’s critics blasted the president for his obvious dodge and insult towards Nelson.

RealClearInvestigations editor-at-large Benjamin Weingarten put out a sarcastic response, stating, “Very strong defense being put up right now,” with Fox News contributor Guy Benson responding similarly, “compelling rebuttal!”

“Crooked Joe is getting testy!” X Strategies CEO Alex Bruesewitz quipped.

“Biden can’t avoid answering this issue for long, and the lack of explicit denial is telling,” PJ Media columnist Matt Margolis wrote.


President Joe Biden talking to crowd

New documents allegedly reveal that a “highly credible” whistleblower told the FBI that President Joe Biden received a $5 million payment from executives serving on the same energy firm as the then-vice president’s son.  (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

“Joe knows he’s caught so he’s getting defensive,” conservative YouTube creators The Hodge Twins tweeted.

The official account for the GOP House Oversight Committee dissected Biden’s response, tweeting, “Americans are concerned President Biden may have sold out the United States to make money for himself. But President Biden is only laughing about it and ridiculing those who ask questions. We’ll continue to seek answers, transparency, and accountability.”

The Spectator contributing editor Stephen L. Miller provided a sobering assessment of Biden’s answer, declaring, “It’s a dangerous time to tell the truth in America.”

“Unwarranted attack on the free press. Literally shaking,” Washington Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross wrote.

“The hostility @JoeBiden shows to journalists is a threat to the vital American belief in the freedom of the press. This must be condemned,” the Morning Answer radio show account tweeted.

Reporter Charlie Spiering brought up Biden’s history of trashing reporters asking him questions he didn’t like, writing, “Previously Biden snapped at @JacquiHeinrich, for asking a ‘stupid question,’ @KaitlanCollins, for being ‘in the wrong business’ and called Peter Doocy a ‘stupid son of a bitch.’”


The question came as allegations of Biden’s corruption have reached new intensity in recent weeks. According to new reports, a “highly credible” human source told the FBI in 2020 that Biden had been paid $5 million by an executive of Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings while his son Hunter was on its board.

Sources told Fox News Digital the FBI-generated FD-1023 form alleged that there was a criminal bribery scheme between then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national that involved influence over U.S. policy decisions. The same sources told Fox News the document references “the Big Guy,” a supposed nickname for Biden.

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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